About NJT Rails


* DepartureVision™ for the nearest station just 2 taps away! (Internet connection required)
* Schedules up to 30 days in advance
* List of your favorite routes
* Track your current position on map in real time
* Easy access to station information on web site, including DepartureVision™ that displays train departure screen
* Check advisories containing important information about delays and planned events
* Get some help using maps of rail and light rail systems
* Post status updates to Twitter


To get any kind of help please use e-mail address: support@njt-rails.com

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Today latest and greatest NJT Rails 1.22 was submitted to AppStore. It's optimized for iOS7 and has important bug fixes. Latest schedules 1.87 are also included.


Latest NJ Transit schedules 1.51 take effect Sunday, March 24, 2013 and can be downloaded right now


New NJT Rails 1.20 that allows to rearrange favorites routes in list is ready for download in AppStore


First schedules after Sandy storm are available for download!


NJT Rails 1.18 with latest schedules 1.44 and bug fixes is finally reached AppStore!


iPhone 5 is finally here and NJT Rails is ready for this! In latest version 1.17 all grpahics extended to fit bigger screen. Latest schedules 1.43 are also provided.


Huge update for NJT Rails! New version 1.16 works as a routing app in iOS 6, has DepartureVision™ with auto refresh for the nearest station, UI significantly changed, latest schedules are also included


" Played with it for 5 mins and I'm impressed. This has the best UX and features "

— Teahugger

NJT Light

If you hesitate to buy NJT Rails right now please check FREE version of the application called NJT Light. It has most important features that co-exist with much more affordable price: $0.0

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